We offer simple solutions to maximize the reuse of used electronics and mitigate the hazards to human health and the environment caused by the improper disposal and recycling of e-Waste.

what is e-waste

E-Waste encompasses all electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal.

According to the EPA, e-Waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream and accounts for 70% of the hazardous toxins in our landfills and illegal dump sites.


human impact of e-waste

Not only is e-Waste a major environmental problem containing toxic substances like arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and a host of others, it also has valuable resources (including gold) that can be reused and recycled.


9.4+ million tons

The estimated amount of e-Waste to be produced in the United States this year. The equivalent weight of 5,670,000 cars!

Is e-waste polluting your brand?

Excluding e-Waste from your sustainability initiatives runs the risk of damaging your brand reputation and bottom line.

Multi-million dollar fines have already damaged the reputation and sustainability positioning for several large brands.


Home Depot agreed to pay $27.84 million to settle charges that it illegally disposed of hazardous waste and threw out customer records without first rendering personal information unreadable.

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