“Sustainers” are businesses and organizations that recognize the threat e-Waste represents to human health, the environment and as an backdoor to data breach. They commit to using certified recyclers for their e-Waste management and wish to elevate the conversation to bring more awareness regarding this growing threat.

Strengthen your brand and reputation

Lurking in plain sight in your office, on your desk, and in your pocket is a toxic stew of dangers that represents a serious threat to your brand if not properly managed…your electronic devices.

Every computer, laptop, tablet, phone, printer, etc. in your organization is full of customer and confidential information and contains dangerous toxins like arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and a host of others.

So, where do all these devices go when they are replaced? What could happen to your brand if your data gets in the wrong hands or if these devices and their toxic components end up in an illegal dump site?

It's easy to overlook. E-Waste represents just 2% of America’s trash, but it accounts for 70% of the toxic waste entering our landfills and illegal dump sites. And, poor e-Waste practices have already cost corporations millions in fines and negatively impacted their reputation from data breaches, environmental contamination or both.

Now, before you begin to panic, know that professional IT departments typically follow e-Waste best-practices. If you do a little digging, you’re likely to find much of your e-Waste is channeled through certified recyclers which provide certificates of data destruction and sustainable recycling.

What if you’re already doing it right?

As you might expect, professional e-Waste recycling services are NOT free. Investing in the certified destruction of customer data and ensuring TONS of these devices containing highly toxic substances are refurbished/reused or recycled demonstrates good corporate citizenship. Your brand needs to fully integrate e-Waste into your corporate social responsibility and sustainability plan as well as encourage others (including your employees) to take responsibility for the retired electronics in their businesses and homes.

What if you're NOT using certified recycler? What do you do?

In either scenario, you’ll find a partnership with TERRA is a value to your brand. TERRA is singularly focused on stopping toxic e-Waste from contaminating the environment and damaging human health by maximizing the reuse and the recycling of used electronics.

TERRA will connect you to a certified recycling (if needed) and then help you merchandise your existing or new best-practices to strengthen your environmentally-conscience brand positioning.

By adding your voice and support, you will be acknowledging the growing threat of e-Waste, helping to elevate the conversation and providing the necessary resources to solve it.