Certified “Recyclers” offer the only solution to manage the growing e-Waste crisis. Only Certified Recyclers comply with rigorous standards to verify data destruction, refurbish viable devices for reuse, and ensure end-of-life equipment is recycled sustainably and their valuable materials are returned to the circular economy.

Build awareness of the value of your certification and grow your business

TERRA exists to drive used electronics into the caring hands of Certified recyclers to maximize the reuse of equipment and the sustainable reclamation of natural resources.

TERRA is focused on educating businesses and consumers about the necessity to use ONLY e-Stewards and R2 Certified recyclers as the gold standard in the delivery of comprehensive data destruction, e-Waste, ITAD management and other solutions for used electronics.

By joining TERRA, you are investing in an organization that is dedicated to supporting the long-term growth and success of your Certified business.

And, only Certified recyclers may serve as a Done with IT regional partner.