Actions speak louder than words

The e-Waste challenge can be solved. It requires action from all of us by taking responsibility for the electronic devices we stop using. Our homes and offices are filled with equipment that could be reused by someone else, but they are too often abandoned in a drawer, closet or warehouse. Every day a functional and viable device sits, it provides zero value - and it will often simply find its way into the trash.

For devices that are either non-functional or too old and outdated for reuse, access to a sustainable recycling provider is essential. The recycling of high-value materials such as gold, sliver, copper, palladium, etc. are critical to creating a circular, sustainable economy. And, more importantly, the safe recovery and processing of the dangerous toxins found in e-Waste must be a priority to protect the long-term human health and quality of life for generations to come.

“Well done is better than well said.”
— Benjamin Franklin